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                Introduction of XPS
                XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation board--- a kind of new insulation material is a high quality polystyrene foam product characterized by smooth skin with a closed-cell structure that looks like a mass of uniform bubbles with common walls between them. There are few, if any, voids between the cells, top and bottom skin. Comparing with other traditional heat insulation materials, such as EPS (Expand Polystyrene Foam), PU (Polyurethane Foam) and Rock wool, XPS is improved in terms of insulation, moisture-proof, compressive strength, durability, convenient installation and low cost. As an ideal heat insulating material, XPS is widely applied in heat preservation and insulation systems, moisture-proof and obstruct systems, with promising potential market.

                1. Competitive Price

                The XPS insulation board production line comes with updated technology and high quality. Compared with the XPS insulation board machinery with the same capacities from Europe, our product is much cheaper. In addition, this production line can help users realize low-carbon economy.

                2. Wide Range of Raw Material
                The building material production line uses recyclable materials for production, such as EPS, XPS, GPPS, as well as virgin GPPS, which is conducive to the environment protection and the cost reduction during XPS board production. However, XPS insulation board production line from European countries only employs virgin GPPS as raw material.

                3. Environment Protection
                Taking LPG, butane and/or CO2 as well as ethanol as the foaming agent, the manufacturing process and the insulation board cause little HCFC or HFC, preventing the air from being polluted.

                4. Flexible Configuration and Wide Production Capacity
                The first extruder can be designed with single or twin screws. With different screw diameters and sizes, the first extruder and the second extruder can be flexibly configured to realize the output from 200kg to 600kg per hour, capable of meeting most of the clients' requirement.

                5. Rich Experience
                We have rich experience in the production, installation and operation of the XPS insulation board production line. The worldwide application of our product demonstrates our excellence in product manufacture, installation, commissioning, testing, customer training, and after-sales service.

                6. Quality Certificates
                This construction material machinery is CCC, CE, ASME, GOST compliant.

                Main Configuration of XPS Insulation Board Production Line
                Feeding System / First Extruder / Hydraulic Mesh Exchanger / Second Extruder / Mould / Calibrator / First Haul-off Unit / Longitudinal Cutter / Cross Cutter / Second Haul-off Unit / Controlling System / Packing System / Auxiliary equipments

                Technical Parameters of XPS Insulation Board Production Line

                Item Unit HIM-X-250 HIM-X-500 HIM-X-750
                Extruder System - 1st Extruder 2nd Extruder 1st Extruder 2nd Extruder 1st Extruder 2nd Extruder
                Screw Diameters mm 135 150 75×2 160 75×2 200
                L/D Radio L/D 30:1 33:1 30:1 40:1 30:1 36:1
                Driving Motor Power kw 75 55 75 75 90 90
                Capacity kg/h 250-300 350-450 450-550
                Product Width mm 600 600 600
                Product Thickness mm 20-100 20-100 20-100
                Density kg/m3 30-39 30-39 30-39
                Total Power kw 260 280 350

                Layout of XPS Insulation Board Production Line

                Compare of Main Insulating Materials

                Item XPS EPS PU Rock Wool
                Thermal Conductivity [w/( m·k)] At the beginning 0.030 0.041 0.02 0.044
                After three years ≤0.04 ≥0.06 ≥0.06 ≥0.06
                Compressive Strength (kpa) When dry 350 80 165  
                After watering 350 60 110  
                Tensile Strength (Kpa/m2) ≥300 ≥65
                Density (kg/m3) 32~39 25~28 25~30 150~200
                Water Absorption (%)(V/V) At the beginning ≤0.76 ≤8 ≤6 ≤5
                After three years ≤1 ≥40 ≥40 ≥40
                Thickness (mm) 25 38 21
                Volume Stability Good Good Good Good
                Combustibility B2 B1   Noncombustible
                Direct Use Easy Easy Easy Difficult
                Raw Material 100% new material ~
                100% recycled material
                new material
                new material
                new material
                Cost Low Middle High Middle
                Production Process Easy Easy Complex Complex contaminative

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