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                Introduction of 3D Panel
                3D Panel is a kind of three dimensional lightweight structural panels, consisting of a super-insulated polystyrene core and nettings on both sides. It is an environmentally friendly product, acting as a construction panel for buildings. With the obvious advantage of saving construction time while providing greater structural integrity, this green and excellent material is sure to have a prosperous future.

                Features of 3D Panel

                Item Description
                Investment Compared with traditional walling materials, 3D Panel reduces building cost largely
                Convenient and fast Pre-treated 3D Panel dramatically saves working time and transportation charges
                Sound insulation 3D Panel supplies a cozy living place
                Thermal insulation 3D Panel can reduce energy leakage
                Fireproof 50mm thickness 3D Panel could endure fire for about 1.5 hours
                Comprehensive functions Quakeproof and windproof

                Advantages of 3D Panel
                1. Low defective welding rate, less than 3%.
                2. High production speed, 500 m2 per 8 hours.
                3. Wide-range options of steel wires: Specs I: 2.0-2.5mm      Specs II: 2.5-3.0mm
                4. Monolayer and double-layer panels are both available.
                5. Microcomputer control system: Inching, single-step, automation.
                6. High-quality pneumatic organs and Mitsubishi PLC.

                Technical Parameters of 3D Panel Production Line

                Item Parameters
                Workshop Area (L×W) (m) 32×12
                Power Source 380V± (5%-10%)
                Installed Power (kw) 160
                Speed of Diagonal Steel Inserting (m2/h) ≥50
                Speed of Netting Welding (m2/h) 120~140
                Welding Time (ms) 20~160
                EPS Requirement Density: 15±1kg
                Oxygen Index ≥30%

                Specifications of Final Products

                Item Parameters
                Mesh Size (mm) 50×50
                Length (mm) 2400~3000
                Width (mm) 1220
                Thickness (mm) 76~126
                Thickness of EPS Core (mm) 50~100
                Diagonal Wire Diameter Φ2.0~Φ3.0

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