Sponge Recycling System/ Sponge Rebounding Machine

                Sponge Recycling System

                Brief Introduction:
                This sponge recycling system is adopted for recycling scraps and producing regeneration sponge. This production line is a good option for reducing the production cost and reasonably solving the unnecessary problems caused by the scraps and wasters.
                The regeneration sponge produced by our production line can meet the related quality standards. This sponge recycling system can be operated independently or as the auxiliary equipment for sponge production line.

                Flow Chart

                Main Parameters of Sponge Recycling System:

                Item Parameters
                Volume of Blending Tank (m3) 10
                Mixing Speed (r/min) 40
                Max. Pressure of Hydro Cylinder (kg) 12000
                Total Power (kw) 45
                Weight (kg) 4300
                Foaming Mould (L×W×H) (mm) 2,050×1,550×1,000
                External Size (L×W×H) (mm) 6,000×4,000×5,200
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